Privacy Policy Statement
Colpitts World Travel is concerned about the privacy of the information that you provide during your visits to its website.

To provide you with certain services, enhance your visit to our website, or to allow us to follow up with you after your visit, we do sometimes ask that you provide information to us.

You have our firm commitment that any information provided by you will not be shared with independent companies, nor will this information be used to solicit further business without your express permission. Any personal information provided to Colpitts World Travel in an e-mail message will only be used to resolve the matter identified in the e-mail.

Colpitts World Travel has no intent or desire to infringe upon your right to privacy while using this website. Colpitts World Travel reserves the right to change its Privacy Policy. A revised Privacy Policy will become effective at the time it is posted on the Colpitts World Travel site.